Dillinger's is a men's grooming studio, crafted in minimalism, and designed to deliver an authentic grooming experience. 

It's Where Luxury & Philanthropy Collide. 


Dillinger's is about looking good and feeling good, while living good and doing good.

Every Haircut.

Every Shave. 

Every Product Sold... 

Is Designed to Change A Life.


Behind The Name

What's in a name?

The name Dillinger automatically evokes the image the Roaring 20's & prohibition era. It was a time when men dressed like they had somewhere to be, drank cocktails and played cards in backroom "juice joints." Even the bootleggers were groomed to the nines.

Haircuts and Hot Shaves. Waistcoats and Whiskey. 

But this particular name (besides appropriately summing of the back-room speakeasy feel of this shop) is to pay homage to my best friend, my brother really, Dwaine Reid.   Dwaine passed away in an accident in 2002 as we were riding our motorcycles around the neighborhood that we grew up in. When he was a toddler, his grandmother dubbed him with the name Dillinger on account of all the mischief he got into. The name stuck and became his first tattoo; and ultimately one of mine after he passed.

It now lives on in the barbershop. 







The Shop

“Minimalism is not the lack of something.  It’s simply the perfect amount of something.” – Nicholas Burroughs

Dillinger's Hair Company was designed with this concept in mind. Designed with You in mind. Its a haven for men to come unwind and go back to a time when life was a lot more substantive and a bit less digital. The idea was never to build a large shop; nor was it to digitize or speed up the the barbering process...

Dillinger's is about moments. 

You have worked hard at building this life of yours, allow Me to help you enjoy it.

Take a few moments, slow down, have an espresso or a whiskey (or both), and shoot the breeze while getting a haircut or shave that is made to measure. 

Meet Your Barber

Christopher Matthew

If You are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.  


Random Facts:

  • Purpose Junkie. 
  •  I’m generally bearded, perpetually tatted (My wife hates both).
  • I want to give it all away.
  • I love Jesus.
  • I secretly want to be an R & B singer.
  • Married (hence the wife reference above).
  • 1 Kid. (Emery Grace). She's a peach and one of the reasons for starting Dillinger's. 
  • I started a giving initiative called G.R.O.O.M (Giving Remains Our Only Mission) G.R.O.O.M aims to partner with shelters to provide haircuts and other services for those in need.


What I Do When I’m Not Cutting, Lawyering, Fathering, Or Husbanding:

I’m usually watching a game, especially during football, futbol, and baseball season, as well as the NHL playoffs, basketball season, the World Cup, the Euros, the U.S. Open… oh and the Game of Thrones.

My teams are the Mets, the Giants, the Rangers, and of course THE U.

I miss the analog days but I’m all the way digital…I even go to Church online (and I am serious about my Church). I enjoy good coffee, craft beers, and quality conversation (usually over good coffee or craft beers). And while I have been many places, for many reasons, I will always be a New Yorker through and through.


Bragging Rights:

  • Licensed Master Barber
  • Notable Former Clients ( Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, The Rock, Alonzo Mourning, Keyon Dooling, Amar’e Stoudemire, Fabolous, Paul Cain, Loon, Lennox Lewis, Grupo Optimo and countless brothers, cousins, chefs, and entourages of “important” people (Sarcasm added)
  • NY State Licensed Attorney
  •  Former NYS Assistant Attorney General
  • Delta & American Express Gift Back Project Winner